Four years ago I left my homeland and started studying in a different country. To be honest, even though I was extremely excited since everything is so fresh and attractive to me at the first place, the homesick and difficulties I found in studying and living were almost killing me. Luckily, dancing is introduced to my daily life and I got on the way of finding who I truly was.  I met a lot of friends that helped me through that period. We dance together, rehearse together, filming together. They are my friends, my crew members, and also my family in Australia. Here are some cover videos that I want to share with you guys



This is one of the dance cover videos of my own crew members. We all met in a dance studio in Melbourne. We all are international students from China. Some of us have graduated from university, some of us are undergraduate students, and some of us are high school students. There are so many difference among us, but there is one thing which is same for all of us: we all are Jonathan's students. Jonathan helped us starting a dance crew and we mainly cover K-POP group's dancing. Click the image for watching~

<Don't recall>

This is the first collaboration video working with two members from I AM Crew. We shared each other's story and had a great time working hardly together.

【I AM Crew x BE-7】



This is our new dance cover from our crew, we had some new crew members at that time. But the thing that is not changed is we all have a similar passion about dancing and we are positively overcome difficulties and share happiness and sadness.